Clumber Church


The Reservoir on the Right in this photo
The Reservoir on the Right in this photo


Electrification of School and Ablution Facilities

This is primarily a  push for funds; we have completed renovations to the Church and grounds. In 2018 we concentrated on the old school which we use as a gathering place for fellowship and after Service teas. This old building has received more than a little TLC with cracks and damp attended to. The wooden floor in the foyer was rotten and cement had to be laid to secure the walls. We have now wired the building for electricity for electrical plugs and lighting for the very first time . Also, the need for toilets to service both Church and School is no longer a " nice to have " but essential. When we hosted Mark van Niekerk in October 2018 the strain on the usage of the 1 toilet in the Vestry by 84 people was very evident. The placement of the housing of two toilets and attendant wash basin has been identified- we will use the old reservoir which lies neatly between the Church and School so we will not have the hassles and the associated cost on altering either of the two Heritage Buildings . This conversion cost will be R20000. And then we require a 2000 Litre tank to supply the water . We are hoping to close these projects off in April 2019. Should you be able to donate in support of these projects kindly refer to the " Donate" tab on this website where the payment details are listed. Alternatively you can contact Courteney on 0760611025.

So far two toilet units as well as toilet furnishings have been donated for which we are very grateful. Also, we have received a substantial donation of all the lighting for the Old School. We have placed the installation of the water tank on hold as we do not have sufficient funds. In the interim we plan to purchase a pump which will transfer water to an existing small tank to which we are connecting the piping for the new toilets and wash basin. 

Funding is needed to cover the labour costs of our contractor as well as materials such as roofing, partitioning, cable, cement, paint etc.

Our contractor moved back onto site on January 8 2019 and we hope that during the course of the followiing months we will be able to post photos of the work in progress. Unfortunately there has been unrest in the Bathurst township and this has been the prime factor in the delaying of these projects. Our contractor has a backlog of work and we have to wait our turn until his staff feel free to continue work without harassment by their colleagues.

A further delay has been the vandalizing of both Church and School in February 2019 when both buildings were forcibly entered and items were stolen and broken. Our contractor moved onto site immediately to secure both buildings but the rectification of the damage that has been done will now take precedent.  

Due to this incident, all projects have been placed on hold pending the finalization of the insurance claim.


 Vandalization and Break-in at the Church and School

Damage and loss to the Church and School in February 2019 is estimated at over R20000. The Church door was booted and forced open. All the electrical wiring we had installed in 2017 was stolen. A beautiful , intact antique lamp in the Porch was smashed and stolen.

Both security doors, as well as a wooden door were forcibly opened to gain access to our strong room where the generator was stolen along with all the electrical extension leads. The old cutlery , an electrical speaker, a wheel barrow and a Yale lock were amongst the items that were stolen.

Upgrading of Facilities and Repair and Replacement of Damaged and Stolen Articles Recommences!

The Clumber Church Committee put all our projects on hold after the heartbreaking burglary in February 2019. Now that the burglary claim is being finalised in June 2019 and we know the amount we will receive, we have recommenced our projects. The first to be completed was the new ablution facility with toilet "furniture" like towel rail, mirror etc. We have also purchased a water tank which has been connected to the wash basin and toilet cisterns. This unit is now complete with doors hung and a total repaint both inside and out.

In the old School we have secured all the windows to deter break-in's and in the Church we have secured both of the Porch Doors with removable bars enabling both doors to be opened dependant on weather conditions.

The Vestry has also been the subject of renewal, with a beautiful wooden rail installed on which photos of our past Ministers will proudly stand.

Courteney George Bradfield