Projects for 2018

Lighting powered by a Generator

Installing a Solar Power System

 Our first project for 2018 will be the installation of a solar system to power the lights and plug points within the Church. The rewiring of the electrical system is allready complete. Naturally the easiest choice would be to link up with the national power grid but as we are situated in the country, the cost of linking up to that grid would be prohibitive. The other alternative would be the purchase of a generator but the initial outlay costs as well as continuing repair costs do not favour this option.

A quotation of R17000 has been submitted  for the solar system which is certainly competitive. Now we have to raise sufficient funds to cover this .

The Clumber School

Repair and Restoration of the Old Clumber School

There are major repairs to be undertaken here. We have completed the repainting of two of the exterior walls, as well as a painting and sealing of the roof. The interior walls have severe cracks which have to patched and sealed and then repainted. The interior architraves have dry rot and will have to be replaced. There are also patches of wall damp which have been caused by poor exterior drainage and this will have to be addressed.
We continue to appeal for funding to complete these repairs to return this historical building to a state which matches that of the restored Clumber Church.
Our thanks go out to all who have so generously donated to finance the Repairs and Restoration work undertaken so far. For those that have not visited Clumber lately, I wish you could, because the perimeter grounds and Church and graveyard are looking truly magnificent.
Created by Courteney George Bradfield