Enhancements to the Clumber Precinct Continues

Lighting powered by a Generator

Installing an Electrical System

 One of our first projects for 2018 will be the installation of an electrical generator to power the lights and plug points within the Church. The rewiring of the electrical system is allready complete. Naturally the easiest choice would be to link up with the national power grid but as we are situated in the country, the cost of linking up to that grid would be prohibitive. The other alternative would be the purchase of a solar system but with plans afoot to turn the school into a productive building the solar system is inflexible to meet increased demands. Also we are aware that the solar panels are the target of thieves.

The purchase of a generator is therefore the only other option we have and funds are needed for us to pursue this option.

The Clumber School

Repair and Restoration of the Old Clumber School

There are major repairs to be undertaken here. We have completed the repainting of two of the exterior walls, as well as a painting and sealing of the roof. The interior walls have severe cracks which have to patched and sealed and then repainted. The interior architraves have dry rot and will have to be replaced. There are also patches of wall damp which have been caused by poor exterior drainage and window leaks and this will have to be addressed.
Our major renovation task is to stabilize the floor of the porch which is sinking in the one corner and pulling the walls with it. The only option is to rip up the floor and throw a concrete slab to strengthen this area.
The ceiling which was affected by roof leaks will also have to be stripped of paint, repaired and repainted.
We continue to appeal for funding to complete these repairs to return this historical building to a state which matches that of the restored Clumber Church.
Our thanks go out to all who have so generously donated to finance the Repairs and Restoration work undertaken so far. For those that have not visited Clumber lately, I wish you could, because the perimeter grounds and Church and graveyard are looking truly magnificent.
The porch which is sinking in one corner

Repairs and Restoration begins February 20 2018

 Our contractor, Mark Vogler, has moved onto site and has made considerable progress over the last two days. We hope that by the end of March 2018 the Clumber School Building will be looking as good as the restored Church is.

Scraping down the wall damp
A major crack opened and sealed
Repairs to ceiling underway

 Repairs and Restoration Completed March 22 2018

The remaining 2 exterior walls were the last to be repaired and painted. After finishing with a complete repaint internally and an oiling of the floor, the interior concrete slab laid in the porch, or lobby, was finally sealed after a prolonged period of drying.
Painted in the same Colours as the Church, light green with white trim, the overall effect is one of space and light. We look forward to our celebrations this Sunday 25 March when the Clumber Community will be offering a finger lunch to all who want to view the changes in the restored classrooms.

 The Future Use of the School

The purpose of the renovations which we have sussessfully completed on this building is the first step in putting it back into use. When the School ceased to function, it has been used only as a place of gathering and fellowship during the course of the Church Services which are now held once a month. Whatever its future use will be, we need to provide facilities which are currently absent , such as toilets, electricity and a kitchenette. Once these facilities are put in place, the options of future use can be assessed. 
The options which are being explored are:
A place of learning
Wedding venue
Community meetings and gatherings

Created by Courteney George Bradfield