Evangelist Mark van Niekerk

Mark and Marie Anne

Evangelist Mark van Niekerk will be presenting his testimony on evangelizing in the Middle East at Clumber Church at 10h00 on Saturday 20 October 2018. We are indeed fortunate to hear first hand the way the Spirit of God is moving amongst those who adhere to the Muslim faith. It is no exaggeration that Muslims are converting to following the risen Christ, not in tens or hundreds, but thousands!

Mark is a descendant of William Pike, who emigrated from England in 1820 with the Nottingham Party and who was a local preacher. So Mark is carrying on the Pike tradition of evangelizing.

All are invited to this presentation - just please let us know if you are coming so that we can assure you of a seat and to help us with the catering for refreshments. Call the following : Alison 0828010511 Nicolette 0793666589. Courteney 0760611025.

This is indeed a presentation you cannot afford to miss !

Here is Mark's biography as written by him : 

"I was born in 1952 and raised in Matatiele, East Griqualand, first son of Gloria (Polly) Pike and John. Junior school at KEHS was followed by Kearsney College, Botha’s Hill . After the army I would spend three years traveling around the world. 


I married Marie Anne de Charmoy of Chaka’s Kraal on the Natal north coast in 1979. Our life has been one of farming cattle and sheep for 30 years on the farm Brookside, Kokstad. The Mardenel Sussex herd became one of the well known studs marketing bulls countrywide. We have been exceptionally blessed with three sons, Shane, Dean and Jed, all married. So far five beautiful grandchildren have added to the family. Most importantly the boys love the Lord out of a personal conviction. 


Both Marie Anne and I came to saving faith as we approached our 40’s. Although I’d made a profession of faith as a 20 year old, it was hardly a faith unto salvation. It was though a young man acknowledging his need for salvation from the fallen world he had travelled. For Marie Anne, whose family came from Mauritius, it was a matter of realizing there had to be more to spiritual life than she was receiving in Roman Catholicism. We had the unusual coming to faith together, being baptized together, studying together and growing in knowledge and grace together. I’m eternally grateful to the Lord for her as a wife, mother and friend. 


We sold our farming operation in 2007 to give me more time to serving the Lord in Israel. I’d grown up with Jewish friends, they’d always been a part of my life, so I was not surprised with this inner desire to take the "besorah", the good news, to those the church has rejected and neglected for 2000 years. After an initial study tour to Israel I have been traveling yearly, sometimes twice yearly, for a month at a time to be with my Jewish friend Antony Simon. He had become convinced Yeshua, Jesus, was the promised Messiah to the Jewish people when he heard Psalm 22 being read. He had been angered into thinking it was a passage from the hated Brit Chadasha, the New Testament, speaking about "that man". Our Evangelism, while based in Jerusalem, took us throughout the Land and further afield into Jordan and places like Petra, where we got to befriend the Bedouin. Later I started to take small groups of believers on combined study and evangelism trips to Israel. During these last three years Antony and I got to go to Athens, Greece, where we would spend days among the refugees traveling from the war torn Middle East in search of a haven in Europe. We carried in our back packs bibles in 11 different languages, so always had the right bible for those we engaged. Antony had begun going into Iraq and told me I needed to do a trip on my next visit with him. "Your life will never be the same", he’d told me. We embarked into the ISIS crisis together in 2016 and in soon into the new year paid for our tickets in July 2017. In May, less than 2 months before we were to travel together I received a late night call to say Antony had been killed in Erbil, Iraq. My initial shock was met within a few days with the realization it was for me to continue this work. I had providentially all the contacts I needed for what would be a difficult and traumatic trip alone. Due to decisions I took during that visit last year, on where I was prepared to go, more doors opened up on my recent visit in May 2018. 


Not only have I been able to work with the Christian refugees in Erbil from the Nineveh Plains and Syria, but I’ve also been exposed to Muslim refugee camps where ISIS members were hiding. On the Nineveh Plains I’ve been able to visit the demolished Christian towns like Qaraqosh, while also getting to Islamic villages where we have given the gospel to the leading men of the village. My latest visit also took me into the Zagros Mountain Range of Kurdistan bordering Iraq and Iran where we met with small groups of believers who are leaving Islam. Almost incredibly I’ve also been taken into secluded Kurdish villages were no outsiders have ever visited. We are experiencing Muslims leaving Islam in a way none have ever experienced. It’s an incredible privilege to be called into this type of ministry, to both Jew and Muslim, in a part of the world around which the latter day biblical prophesies revolve."


Created by Courteney George Bradfield