Celebrating 150 years of the Clumber Church Building in 2017

The Programme of Events
Clumber Church

Please set aside the dates of October 20, 21 and 22 2017. We invite you to Clumber Church! We are going to have a Celebration of note.What are we celebrating? A major event - 150 years of continuous use of the Church building. Now that is something to celebrate. And because it is such an important milestone we are celebrating it over 3 days - yes, three days.

The first event on our programme will take place on Friday October 20 2017 when we will lay a flower and some greenery on each and every grave. Join us at 14h00 as we honour all those who have gone before. A very special time to reflect on our ancestors and those we  have loved.

On Friday October 20 a fun Auction Supper will be held at the Pig and Whistle in Bathurst with Jeremy Mansfield as Auctioneer. Proceeds of the Auction will go to the Clumber Church Building Fund. The dinner will be a three course affair with a couple of options in each course. Prices will vary dependant on the number of courses ordered. After dinner we will move from the dining room to the lounge where Jeremy Mansfield will assume the role of Auctioneer. Items on the list to be auctioned include: an oil painting by Rob McKenzie, a magnum of red wine from Robertson, an item of stunning hand crafted Jewellery from the studio of Fleur Delyse, an antique wooden tea tray inlaid with bone, a water colour by Sally Cutten, crockery of the Clumber Hall from 1913. Book your table by contacting Pig 'n Whistle on telephone number 046 6250673 and referring to ' October 20 Clumber Auction'

On the Saturday, October 21, with Jeremy Mansfield as Master of Ceremonies, we will have a full day of music and song at Clumber Church  starting at 11h00 and finishing at 15h30 with an interval at 13h00 when a boerewors roll and refreshment will be served. 

Our pianist, Olive Pike, at 96 years old, will be honoured by her loyal service to Clumber Church by opening the day with a time on the Church Gors and Kallmann Piano built in 1902. Our impressive musical programme includes :

The Kentones - an all male choir

Merrill Baker on the Harmonium

Keiskamma Music Academy

Alfred Mnaba Choir from Nemato 

St Andrews and DSG Wind Orchestra 

Graeme College Steel Band

Port Alfred Scottish Dancing Group

Full Gospel Choir and Band 

Graham Martens - Piper

On Sunday October 22, starting at 10h30, our Circuit Minister, Rev Sandile Kalipa and our District Bishop Andile Mbete will be officiating at a Celebratory Holy Communion. The Diocesan School for Girls Chapel Choir will also be part of this special Celebratory Service. At the close of the Service a wreath will be laid at the Clumber Wall of Remembrance by Olive Pike accompanied by the bagpipes played by Graham Martens in memory of the Nottingham  Party of 1820. This will be followed by a social tea and eats.

The Clumber Community is so appreciative of the wonderful support they have received from the wider community in restoring Clumber Church, that we are now giving back to the public by opening our  Church doors wide over this weekend with a "no fee" admission. Not only will this music programme be free of charge, but we will also supply sustenance at lunch time, also at no charge. We plan to start around 11h00 and finish around 15h30. Now that is an offer you simply cannot refuse! 

Join us as Mount Mercy Resounds with Music

150th Anniversary Celebrations

October 20,21,22 2017

Created by Courteney George Bradfield