In 1837 a day school was in operation in the Church with Mr Thomas Peel as schoolmaster, a position he held up to 1848. By November 1837, tenders were called for the erection of a schoolmaster's house next to the Church.

By September 1873, the second Church had been taken down and a new school-room was built.This school was enlarged in 1875 and the Chapel Committee agreed to allow the Albany Farmers' Friend Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars to use it for their meetings.

Schoolmaster's House (L) built in 1837 , School (R) built in 1873 and enlarged 1875
Clumber Public School photographed in 1913

 The Clumber Public School

In September 1902, the Trust Properties Committee resolved that an acre of Church ground be made available for the erection of a Government- aided Public School. In the following month they made arrangements for the renovation of the School-master's house , built in 1837, at a cost of £250.

In July 1903, the Reverend John Smart took over as resident minister and Elizabeth Trower promised to build a new Day School for Clumber, in memory of her father,Thomas Peel.

It was to accommodate 100 children and White Cooper of Grahamstown was asked to prepare plans. It was decided to name the new building the Public Undenominational School Memorial.

In April 1904 ,Elizabeth Trower was able to approve the tender of Mr McAlister.

A bazaar was held on 9 November 1904, the King's birthday, to liquidate the debt resulting from the renovation of the School-master's house. 

Professor George Cory lectured on the British Settlers and Elizabeth Trower unveiled the marble tablet in the school foyer on the opening on 9 February 1905.

School opened on 9 February 1905, photographed 2018
Created by Courteney George Bradfield