Celebrating the Arrival of the Nottingham Party at Clumber in 2020

Clumber Church

 There are many ways to celebrate and we feel that it would be good if the various families got together under their family banners and gather round a fire at a typical now South African bring and braai. This will give ample opportunity to renew old acquaintances and forge new friendships and maybe discover new families. The Common at Clumber Church has ample space for such a gathering. And this is the area , at the base of Mount Mercy, where the wagons rolled in on July 25 1820 with their precious cargo of the Nottingham Party. And this is the date for the planned celebrations; July 25 1820, a Saturday, and the exact date of their arrival, 200 years ago.

Prior to the bring and braai we plan to hold a Service in the Clumber Church at 12h00 as an opportunity to give thanks for the resilience and tenacity and God fearing nature of this very special group of people.

Build this date into your planning schedule and communicate with us on our email address on this site. We would appreciate hearing from you.

The Common at Clumber
Created by Courteney George Bradfield