Repairs and Restoration - Page 3

Pat Schreiber

Memorial Wall

 The Clumber Church Memorial Wall had severe cracks and was in danger of toppling over. The cracks were caused by garden trenches which were dug on either side of the wall causing the pillars to lean away from the main wall body. It was necessary to retain the pillars as these comprised stone from the ruins of an 1820 Settler home from a nearby farm. Pat Schreiber, an engineer, kindly volunteered to repair the wall and retain the integrity of the original structure. Using state of the art structural epoxy's , Pat is doing a remarkable job of restoration.

Entrance Cattle Grid to Clumber Church

Entrance Cattle Grid

 Thank you Craig Handley for repairing the entrance cattle grid to Clumber Church. Cattle in the graveyard is still a cause for concern because of the damage they do to the graves. A gate which provided easy access to the graveyard has now been chained and locked and this caused the instances of ingress to diminish. Besides this gate we have two cattle grids that the cattle have to cross to gain access. The entrance grid was found to be filled with dirt which allowed animals to traverse it. So Craig Handley lifted the sleepers, dug out and cleaned the grid tank and replaced the girders. Not only that but he placed barbed wire on either side as a further deterrent and painted the surrounds white. 

Girders Removed
Girders being Installed
Girders Installed
Work on the Clumber School commences

 Clumber School

Work has started on painting 2 exterior walls of the old Clumber School. Gutters have been cleaned; one was totally blocked which resulted in back splashing. This in turn resulted in the water draining into the interior and causing subsequent floor rot. This section of flooring is being replaced with matching Oregon Pine. The roof is in a fair state but needs a protective coat. Luckily the roofing sheets are serviceable for a few years yet. Painting of the roof has commenced as well.

 Roof Repainted and Sealed and Designated Walls Repainted

The Clumber School is looking so good. The roof has been sealed and painted and the two walls we designated for painting are now completed. 
The Front Exterior Wall of Clumber School is now Painted
The Second Wall which Has Been Repainted
Clumber School Roof Sealed and Painted

 The Perimeter Fencing

Records show that in 1881 funds were collected for fencing the Churchyard. Incredibly most of the wire and posts are still standing. The posts are of sneezewood, a really hard, insect resistant wood, which was the favoured fencing post of the time.
Some posts have been squared and pointed which must have taken hours for a single post to be crafted. Unfortunately some posts are rotted at the base and the wire has collapsed in certain sections. 

Rewired Section of Perimeter Fence

Fencing Repairs

 Bruce Yendall has been repairing sections of the Graveyard perimeter fencing. Not an easy task as the sneezewood poles have stood here for ages , maybe planted in the 1880's? Because of their age some are rotten at the base and these have to be extracted and others planted. We are retaining the sneezewood poles rather than plant new. Alan Pike has been assisting Bruce and has stabilized certain anchor poles which were ready to fall. A major repair underway!

Pedestrian Access

Gate Repair

 A wonderful repair by Alan Pike. Retaining the original sneezewood poles and steel guides, Alan has planted a sneezewood pole in the Centre of an old gate access, allowing easy pedestrian access but blocking cattle ingress.

 The Common has been Cleared of Invasive Thorn and Wattle and Mowed

In preparation for our 150th Celebrations, our farmers have been surpassing themselves, removing the stumps of the cut down brush and trees. Once the stumps were cleared that enabled them to send in a tractor and mow the grass for the first time. The results are striking as evidenced by the photographs below..
The Common is Cleared of all Invasive Trees and Mowed for the First Time
Looking towards the Church from the old Tennis Court Site
The Road to the Graveyard
Created by Courteney George Bradfield