Repairs and Restoration Required in 2017

Tasks Approved by the Clumber Church Committee to be Undertaken in 2017

The first two tasks :
A repaint of the inside walls and ceiling
Repair and painting of window frames

Once these tasks are complete, the following will be attended to:

* Clean the outside walls to determine if a repaint is required.
* The floors to be thoroughly soaked with polish and buffed
* Pews to sealed with a water based varnish
* A Work Party to be formed on a Saturday in April to give attention to the Churchyard:
  Graves to be cleaned
  Repair of sunken graves
  Repair to the Wall of Remembrance
  Graves to be re-gravelled with marble chips
  All headstones and skirts to be cleaned of lichen
   Plants and trees to be trimmed
   New plantings of an indigenous garden
* Perimeter fencing to be cleared of shrubs and trees
* The Common to be cleared of invasive trees such as thorn and wattle and to retain indigenous plants 
* Road Signs to be erected 

Road Signage for Clumber Church 

Our first task for 2017 has been completed. Whilst it is neither a repair nor a restoration project ; it  forms part of our objectives for 2017. We have erected 5 road signs - two on the R67, the road from Bathurst to Grahamstown, two on the Shaw Park Road at the top of Clumber Hill and one at the turnoff to the Clumber Church. There have been requests from visitors to our Services to erect signage as they find Clumber Church difficult to locate.

The signs will also be useful for our 150th Celebrations in October this year to assist those who are traveling to Clumber Church.

Attaching the Signs to the Poles with Roofing Nails
Completed Signs Attached to Poles
Planting a Pole
Streaky Walls Caused by The Ingress of Water

 Repainting the Interior

Because of the ingress of water from a leaky roof, the walls are streaked. In other areas the walls were soaked and there are a number of damp areas. Since the roof was replaced in November 2016, the walls have had a chance to dry out. The Church has been cleared and the walls are being prepared for painting. Road Marking paint has been applied to the streaked areas as a first coat. Cracks have been opened and then sealed. Damp areas have been scrubbed dry and a sealant applied. The first coat is looking good.
Whilst the Church was being cleared and prepared for painting, an area of wall in the porch was uncovered which revealed that a much darker green paint had been applied earlier, together with a stencilled pattern. This historical find will remain exposed. Mr Tim Dold of P G Glass in Grahamstown has kindly sponsored the costs of applying a clear glass frame to this area and of a design which would enable the wall to breathe and to absorb moisture.
The Church is Cleared for Repainting
Damp Area in the Porch being Sealed
Cracks are Opened and Sealed
An Original Stencilled Paint Section in the Porch Uncovered
Progress on Initial Paint Coat
The New Look
Water Damage to the Pews

 Renewing the Yellowwood Pews

The pews have been badly affected by water damage. They have been sanded down and will be given a coat of water based clear varnish to protect and nourish the wood. The same contractor who is repainting the interior has also undertaken this task. The sanded pews with the clear protective coating applied are looking magnificent.
A Water Damaged Yellowwood Pew
The Pews after Sanding
The Pew after a Water Based Clear Varnish Has Been Applied

 Attending to the Floor

Our floor has now been restored and sealed. Whilst the furniture had been removed to facilitate painting, the opportunity was taken to repair and attend to the floor which was water damaged. A protective sealer has been applied which also nourishes the wood. The result is breathtaking!
All Complete - Our New Look

 The Interior is Done !

The remake of the interior has been completed. Walls and Ceiling have been repainted. Our pews have been sanded and sealed. And our wooden floor has been restored and sealed. All of these tasks were major objectives we had set ourselves for 2017.

And the result is superb. Thanks to Mark Vogler for undertaking these tasks in such a sympathetic way and achieving such an admirable result.

Created by Courteney Bradfield