Notice of Events at Clumber Church

Clumber Church

 March 2017

Rev Kalipa will be leading our Holy Communion Service on March 26 2017 at 10h30. An opportunity for a chat afterwards will be afforded over a cup of coffee or tea in the old Clumber School behind the Church.

Meeting of the Women's Auxilliary (W A ) to be held on March 20 2017 at the home of Cynthia Pike in Grahamstown. This will be a report back on the District Meeting which Cynthia attended in Port Elizabeth.

Should you require any information on these two events please use our contact details given on this site and we will get back to you.

October 2017

The 150 th Anniversary of the Clumber Church Building will be celebrated over the weekend of October 21 and 22 2017. A Celebratory Day of Music and Song will be held on Saturday October 21 2017. Starting at 11h30, we will serve some sustenance at 13h00, and then continue to 15h30.
On Sunday October 22 2017 a Celebratory Holy Communion Dedication Service will be held at 10h30 followed by a tea.
The Clumber Community invites one and all to this week end of Celebration. We are still so busy restoring and renovating Clumber Church and its grounds that we want to give back to those who made it all possible - the wider community. Because of the Celebratory nature of the Saturday event therefore, we have decided that we simply cannot charge entrance fees. So our offer to you is to join us for a free day of music on the Saturday. Bring a picnic basket if you so want, for a wonderful entertaining day in the country.
On Sunday we give thanks to God for the continuous 150 years usage of the Church Building. The District Bishop, together with Reverend Kalipa, will be officiating at a Holy Communion Service starting at 10h30. Join us at this special Celebratory Service.
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