The Clumber Community Centre

The Community Support Centre at Clumber -1940's ?

 New Buildings and Happenings

At the time of the opening of the third Church in 1867, the second church was still standing and was used for a variety of purposes. It was finally demolished in 1873 when a new schoolroom was built.
In 1889 a Manse was built and in 1905 a new school building. This was followed by the building of a Hall in 1913. Crockery bearing the Clumber name was purchased for use in the Hall. In 1916 Mr Henry Staples offered £350 to meet the cost of adding a Vestry to the Church. In 1934 a Lister lighting plant was purchased to replace the paraffin lamps which were still in use.
"The Hall Clumber" crockery setting

Crockery from Johnson Brothers

 When The Hall was built in 1913 ( opened on 9 July 1913)  the Church commissioned Johnson Brothers in England to supply crockery bearing the wording "The Hall" and  "Clumber" joined in a blue ribbon. Milk jug, side plate, dinner plate, cup and saucer, sugar bowl, sweet bowl, water jug comprised the setting. Beautiful in plain white it is still in use today.

Created by Courteney George Bradfield