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A Wedding at Clumber

 Wedding bells to ring out on 7 January 2017 when Brandon Handley marries Jill Fitzhenry at Clumber Church. Both were Head Prefects at Kingswood College in Grahamstown.

Clearing encroaching bush from perimeter fencing

 Brandon Handley's staff are busy clearing a tunnel on either side of the perimeter fencing. A major undertaking. Alan Pike's staff are continually hacking at encroaching bush so this is a welcome addition to the effort in trying to keep the bush under control.


 At long last the roofing project has been completed. Over the last three days the final 3 sheets were laid and the sealing was done. How lovely to come down the hill to the Church and see the new roof glistening in the sun. 


 The first Carols Service held at the Clumber Church in living memory. Aunt Olive Pike who is 96 years old and has attended Church here for her entire life, has confirmed that she cannot ever recall a Carols Service being held in the Church. Carols Services were held at the Manse with the local farm schools participating. That Service has not been held for decades. So, a historic evening. Attended by 40 people it was a chance for people to worship and have fellowship together afterwards over a cup of coffee and tea in the old Clumber School. The general consensus was favourable so we are hoping to establish this as an annual event. The Bathurst Community Church participated as well, also supplying their Nativity Dolls to bolster the Service. Our newly tuned and refurbished organ and piano were played by Merrill Baker from Bathurst and Olive Pike respectively. Flowers in the Church are pictured in the boxes below. A lovely evening with many visitors from all denominations.

Magnificent Hydrangeas from the Churchyard
Arrangement of Agapanthus from the Churchyard,Shasta Daisies from Olive Pike and Chrysanthemums
Welcoming Hydrangeas in the Porch

 Today is preparation day for the Carols Service tomorrow evening. As we do not have electricity or potable water, the bakkie has been loaded with gas cylinder and stove top so we can boil the water we are taking with us for coffee and tea. Paraffin lamps have been filled and their glass flues polished. Candles in discarded 2Litre plastic bottles with a sand base will light the paths. Secateurs for cutting the flowers in the cemetery which will be arranged in both the Schoolhouse and Church. Linen for tablecloths is allready waiting at the church but we need to lay out cups and saucers.Special candles will light the organ and piano. And we are collecting a piano stool along the way. So the car is laden.

 Along the way we need to purchase milk and tea, coffee we have. And we need to call around at Aunt Olive Pike to pick Shasta daisies to supplement the flowers we plan to harvest.


 This afternoon, Monday November 5 2016, it is rehearsal time for our Carol Service scheduled for Thursday. This is the first Carol Service to be held at the Church in decades. Naturally we are nervous, but excited. As the Clumber Community we are viewing the Service on Thursday a Thanksgiving Service as well due to the Lord's provision in getting so many of our jobs done on the repair and restoration list.

Lots more needs to be done and our fund raising will continue unabated in 2017.

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Created by Courteney George Bradfield