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 The Dulux Specialist Paint Centre in Port Alfred, owners Mark and Carol Harnwell, has kindly given us special pricing for the paint which is required for the interior. Colleen Handley has graciously donated the funds necessary to cover this cost. What a superb way to start 2017! Our sincere thanks to these persons for enabling us to start on our first Repair Task in 2017.


 Our first Clumber Church Committee Meeting in 2017 took place on Thursday January 12. A hugely positive meeting we continue on the path of restoration and repair. Our first two major tasks will be painting of the interior and a repair of the window woodwork. The exterior will first be sugar washed to ascertain if we really need a repaint. Then in April a Community Work Party will descend on the Church Grounds cleaning the graves, planting the garden area, sanding and painting grave posts etc. A major task is to clear the bush from the fences and to clear the Common of invasive Alien trees.

Then we are planning a 150th Anniversary Celebration in October; a two day event. So, a great deal on our plates but we are so excited that our repair projects have been so well supported by the general public, both here and overseas.

Clearing a tunnel on either side of the fence

 Clearing Brush from Perimeter Fencing

Good progress has been made on clearing a tunnel from the perimeter fencing. Sneezewood fencing poles have been exposed with fencing still intact from a long, long time ago.
Resting Bench next to Tarr Bell Tower

 Resting Bench

Thanks to the Handley's for installing this bench next to the Church in memory of Glyn and Gary Handley. Beautifully sited at the top of Mount Mercy close to the Tarr Bell Tower, this bench offers expansive views of the Church, the graveyard, and on to the hills beyond.

A Wedding at Clumber

 Wedding bells to ring out on 7 January 2017 when Brandon Handley marries Jill Fitzhenry at Clumber Church. Both were Head Prefects at Kingswood College in Grahamstown.

Clearing encroaching bush from perimeter fencing

 Brandon Handley's staff are busy clearing a tunnel on either side of the perimeter fencing. A major undertaking. Alan Pike's staff are continually hacking at encroaching bush so this is a welcome addition to the effort in trying to keep the bush under control.


 At long last the roofing project has been completed. Over the last three days the final 3 sheets were laid and the sealing was done. How lovely to come down the hill to the Church and see the new roof glistening in the sun. 


 The first Carols Service held at the Clumber Church in living memory. Aunt Olive Pike who is 96 years old and has attended Church here for her entire life, has confirmed that she cannot ever recall a Carols Service being held in the Church. Carols Services were held at the Manse with the local farm schools participating. That Service has not been held for decades. So, a historic evening. Attended by 40 people it was a chance for people to worship and have fellowship together afterwards over a cup of coffee and tea in the old Clumber School. The general consensus was favourable so we are hoping to establish this as an annual event. The Bathurst Community Church participated as well, also supplying their Nativity Dolls to bolster the Service. Our newly tuned and refurbished organ and piano were played by Merrill Baker from Bathurst and Olive Pike respectively. Flowers in the Church are pictured in the boxes below. A lovely evening with many visitors from all denominations.

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