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Busy Cleaning the Grave Headers

 What an uplifting time we had on Saturday at our Work Party! Great fellowship and a large crowd attracted by this site as well our  Facebook Pages. Everybody worked incredibly hard and there were lots of sore and tired bodies that evening. Cleaning the graves is a laborious process but the results were exceptional. Only succeeded in cleaning 10 graves in a full mornings work, but the results have spurred us on.


 Our 150 year Music Celebration Day on October 21 is gaining momentum. The Kentones, an all male choir from Kenton on Sea, the Alfred Mnaba choir from Nemato, the Graeme College Steel Band, DSG School Choir and soloists, St Andrews School musicians and soloists and Merril Baker on the Harmonium are all on the programme ! What a celebration this is going to be. If you live far away, now is the time to book your air ticket.

Stone is Offloaded to Resurface Graves

 In preparation for the Work Party and Social Bring and Braai on Saturday April 22 2017, a truckload of gravel has been delivered to resurface the graves. Much work has to be done to scrub the headstones and skirting of the graves as well as the resurfacing. We are also planning to start an indigenous garden. So bring along your scrubbing brushes, pails and buckets, plants and secateurs, sanding paper and paint and brushes for the grave enclosures. Don't forget your lunch to put on the braai!


 The repaint of the exterior is now complete. A major task in The Final Push bites the dust! 


 Great news ! We have awarded the task of repainting the exterior to Mark, who did such a fantastic job of the interior of the Church. Thanks to Carol of Dulux in Port Alfred of once again offering their paint at a special price to us. Work commences tomorrow, Tuesday!


The number of tasks that still need to done has diminished considerably from when we started our Repair and Restoration Tasks last year. These remaining tasks we are callling "The Final Push". Number 1 will be a repaint of the exterior and we are waiting patiently for a quote before we can commence. Funding for "The Final Push" is estimated at R30,000 and we have been fortunate in receiving over R18000 to date. Thank you for supporting us !


 It is done! Our remake of the interior of the Church is now complete! A total repaint of the walls and ceiling, a sanding and sealing of the pews and restoration of the floor with sealing. Major tasks which we can scratch off the list of tasks to be done.

The Dark Green Stencilled Wall Area in The Porch

 A section of wall in the Porch has been uncovered showing an earlier dark green paint with a stencilled pattern. This historic find will be retained and covered with a glass frame. Mr Tim Dold is kindly sponsoring this frame which will incorporate a design allowing moisture to be absorbed and breathing areas for the wall surface.

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