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Shirley Bradfield with the Clumber hydrangeas in full bloom

 We have just returned from Clumber where we have seen a sad and sorry sight - the hydrangeas which Granville Bradfield planted decades ago, are on the verge of dying due to the drought. I have never, ever, seen these plants in such a sorry state. Normally standing above waist high, their leaves are curled and brown.


 We start in earnest to seek sponsorship for our programme brochure for the 150 year Celebration in October. Lynn Galbraith who is heading up the promotional aspects for this week end will be approaching foundations and businesses from this week on. Should you have suggestions we would love to hear from you. Please use our contact form on this site to do so.


 What a great day we had on Sunday , a larger than usual congregation listening to a superb message from Rev Kalipa, followed by Holy Communion

That was followed by a tea which was followed by a Braai with bring and share salads. During this time we discussed what needed to be done for our 150th Celebrations in October. What was really impressive was the willingness to take on the tasks which are needed to make this time a special one for all. We can confidently say that the weekend events that are planned a very special indeed and that we are on track and on schedule.

Rokeby Park Church

 The two Country Methodist Churches of Rokeby Park and Clumber between Bathurst and Grahamstown  are arranging their Services in such a way that a Service will be held every fortnight in the COMBINED AREA

This to make it convenient for all in this area to attend Church on a more regular basis.

Our desire is to proclaim Christ and make Christ known.


 After Service on June 25 there will be a Braai and Extraordinary Meeting of the  Clumber Community at Clumber where we will discuss our progress on the Restoration Projects and our 150th Anniversary Celebrations.


 Thank you to all who attended and  celebrated Holy Communion on Sunday with Rev Sandile Kalipa. Visitors too, Debbey Sturman from Nottingham UK, Nicolette Scott, a newcomer to the area and members from Rokeby Park Church. A wonderful time of fellowship as always.


 A big meeting is scheduled for the 150th Anniversary planning Committe for Monday afternoon. Thanks to Freda Bradfield for organizing such an exciting musical lineup for our Musical Day on October 21 2017. Lots to discuss and organise for such a Special Occasion!

Dense Bush Has Been Removed Affording a View of The Church

 Brandon Handley is doing a sterling job in clearing the bush and trees from the perimeter fencing and Common. This is a huge task and now, for the first time in years, one gets a view of the Church from the driveway. Congratulations to Brandon and his staff for slowly chipping away at the encroaching vegetation and for achieving such wonderful results.

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Created by Courteney George Bradfield