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Rokeby Park Church Interior

 In line with the policy of the Circuit to afford the Country Churches of Clumber and Rokeby Park the opportunity of the congregants of these areas to attend Church on a more regular basis, it was the turn of Rokeby Park to host a Communion Service today. So well attended too, with Rev Sandile Kalipa in the pulpit. Some excellent organ playing together with a first verse soprano solo of Amazing Grace by a young lass gave everyone present the inspiration to lift the roof in song.

Phyl Long and Jean Munro

 Welcome  showers of rain this morning on the way to Clumber Church. Jean Munro gave a wonderful sermon and afterwards we gathered for tea and eats in the old Clumber School. So nice to be able to socialize and chat over tea. 

Posters for our 150th Celebrations in October were distributed amongst the congregation for displaying in the District.

Some of those Volunteering their Services on our Work Party.

 A great turnout yesterday as volunteers tackled the cleaning of the graves, weeding and trimming the flower beds, planting donated plants and the planting of a tree. It was really heartening to see so many people from other communities assisting us in cleaning and beautifying our churchyard.


 Tomorrow is the last Work Party for the year . Should we have sufficient people turning up for voluntary cleaning of the graves then we should be able to put to bed all our major tasks we set ourselves in September last year. 

We just cannot believe how much we have actually achieved in a relatively short period of time. 

Bush Cleared

 Massive improvement at Clumber. All the invasive thorn and wattle has been cut on the Common. The branches are lying in clumps awaiting drying out before being burnt. All the tree trunks and stumps have been sprayed to prevent future spreading. The Church is now totally visible on the approach road.


 Great excitement as our programme of events for our 150th Anniversary Celebrations are put into print. These are in poster form, size A3 and need to be put on display through the area - Kenton on Sea, Grahamstown, Port Alfred, Bathurst, etc.


 Our contractor moved onto site today to clear the common of invasive thorn and wattle. I extended the brief by asking them to leave indigenous bush and clear thorn and wattle from the bottom cemetery access gate to the river.

Once this is done, the area will look superb. We took photos today in preparation for a 'before' and 'after' entry once the job is complete.

Pruned the hydrangeas at the Church as well and gave them a good soaking of water. Remarkably they are sending out buds despite being highly stressed because of the drought. I just hope that the pruning will not set them back in the current dry conditions we are experiencing


 Some Clumber people attended the Service at Rokeby Park on Sunday. What a beautiful little Church it is too. I would estimate that it can only hold about 30 people so it is a warm and intimate space. Beautiful organ playing too added to the enjoyment of the Service. The Church is lovingly maintained as evidenced by the neat interior and sparkling wooden floors and it has a line of 3 antique Miller Paraffin Lamps hanging above the aisle.

Thank you for the welcome Anne Harris.

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