Funding Needed for Projects to Upgrade Facilities

The Reservoir on the Right in this photo

Electrification of School and Ablution Facilities

This is primarily a  push for funds; we have completed renovations to the Church and grounds. This year we have concentrated on the old school which we use as a gathering place for fellowship and after Service teas. This old building has received more than a little TLC with cracks and damp attended to. The wooden floor in the foyer was rotten and cement had to be laid to secure the walls. We are now wiring the building for electricity for the very first time and we need lighting which will cost R5000. Also, the need for toilets to service both Church and School is no longer a " nice to have " but essential. Last week when we hosted Mark van Niekerk the strain on the usage of the 1 toilet in the Vestry by 84 people was very evident. The placement of the housing of two toilets and attendant wash basins has been identified- we will use the old reservoir which lies neatly between the Church and School so we will not have the hassles and the associated cost on altering either of the two Heritage Buildings . This conversion cost will be R20000. And then we require a 2000 Litre tank to supply the water . We are hoping to close these projects off in November. Should you be able to donate in support of these projects kindly refer to the " Donate" tab on this website where the payment details are listed. Alternatively you can contact Courteney on 0760611025.

So far two toilet units have been donated for which we are very grateful. Maybe, just maybe, if you visit us for our Service at the end of November the "new" reservoir will be operational.

The door space is cut
Interior takes shape
The untrimmed roof is on
Created by Courteney George Bradfield