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 It is done! Our remake of the interior of the Church is now complete! A total repaint of the walls and ceiling, a sanding and sealing of the pews and restoration of the floor with sealing. Major tasks which we can scratch off the list of tasks to be done.

The Dark Green Stencilled Wall Area in The Porch

 A section of wall in the Porch has been uncovered showing an earlier dark green paint with a stencilled pattern. This historic find will be retained and covered with a glass frame. Mr Tim Dold is kindly sponsoring this frame which will incorporate a design allowing moisture to be absorbed and breathing areas for the wall surface.


 The Church has been cleared and the pews have been sanded down. Prep work is being done on the interior walls and damp patches sanded down and sealed. Cracks are being filled. Progress so far has been rapid but thorough.


 Preparation work for the repainting of the interior has started. Road marking paint has been purchased to initially cover the water streak marks before the first of two coats are applied to the walls. Scaffolding is being collected this morning. 

So, a major repair task is now underway.


 We have appointed a contractor to paint the inside of the Church .He will also attend to the pews by sanding them down and give them a coating of a water based clear varnish which will also penetrate and feed the wood. Hopefully he will move on site today.


 Road signs are planted. Two on the Grahamstown Port Alfred road, two on the Shaw Park road at the top of Clumber Hill and one at the turnoff to the Clumber Church.

This afternoon we meet with the painter to discuss the repaint of the interior and tomorrow we have a meeting with an artisan to repair the woodwork of the windows. So a flurry of activity.


 The poles for the road signs have been purchased. Today George drilled holes in the frames of the signs and attached the signs to the poles with roof nails. On Monday we are scheduled to go on site, dig holes and plant.


 It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Dudley Walker after a long battle with cancer. His memorial service will be held at Clumber at 15h00 on Friday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rosemary at this time that she may know that in her loneliness and grief that she is not alone. We pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the real presence and love of Jesus as she tries to come to terms with her great loss.

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Created by Courteney Bradfield