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Brief appearance

 Our contractor who is restoring the Old Clumber School, Mark Vogler, had a sighting of a busbuck ram and ewe on the Common

New signage at Clumber Church

 We battled sinking holes in the Clumber shale today to support the posts necessary for the new signage which has been erected at Clumber Church. With the increased number of visitors we have experienced over the last few months, this notice board outlines the basics of the Clumber site as well as details regarding our social media.


 Sad news as we congregate at 11h00 on Saturday to honour the life of Dave Nel who passed away on Sunday evening. Our prayers of comfort go out to Anita and the family.


 The hydrangeas planted by Granville Bradfield in the 1970's along the one side of the Church are looking magnificent. Relying only on rainfall they have confounded us in this dry spell by producing large blooms in abundance. 

See the photos below

Our Hydrangeas

 Theo v d Walt, who is conducting the search for artifacts using a metal detector, is not having much luck. He says the area is strewn with building rubble which hampers the ability of the machine to locate items. He will continue with his search this week.

The Old School is on the extreme right and this is the investigation site

 A metal detector is being used to see if hidden treasure is lurking beneath the surface in the region of the old school and The Hall. 

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